Gran Fondo Route - 102 Mile

Our classic 102-mile Gran Fondo Route includes the “Great Western Loop”, a San Diego favorite that cruises through East County’s backcountry and climbs to a maximum elevation of 2,600 ft. The Gran Fondo Route boasts 6,000 cumulative feet of elevation gain, the Honey Springs Climb, and five well-stocked aid stations.  view map 


Medio Fondo route - 56 mile

The Medio Fondo Route stretches from the Pacific Ocean to the San Diego backcountry and Otay Lakes in Chula Vista. In terms of both distance and elevation gain (2,400 ft), the Medio Fondo is well-balanced between the longer and shorter route options. It offers three well-stocked aid stations.  view map 



By popular demand, we offer the 34-mile Piccolo Fondo Route. Designed for riders who want a Gran Fondo experience, yet prefer a shorter riding distance, this route features a flat-to-rolling course with two well-stocked aid stations and just 1,200 total feet of climbing.  view map 


Fun Fondo - 20 mile

 GranFondos are more fun together and we have a way to get all your friends & family involved. We have a short flat "Fun Fondo" 20 mile option for You, your friends and family that want to experience the Fun of a Granfondo but may want to ride a shorter distance. All rides start in Little Italy at the same time, but the Fun Fondo start is in the rear so you don't have to worry about being fast or group riding.

In fact anyone that wants a more leisurely start is welcome to start in the rear "grid.”

You can meetup with all your friends at the finish line party and enjoy your included Italian lunch and beer together on the San Diego waterfront. All participants can sign up for a free massage after the ride.

Now that is a great way to enjoy Sunday together.

 view map 


Please Note: All routes are subject to changes due to road conditions, weather, emergencies, and county or city regulations / mandates.